Sierra Leonean singer and songwriter Rozzy Sokota Born Rosemarie Baryoh in an Exclusive interview With Amb Precious Amabel Lebby narrated her upcoming Brunch festival show and journey in the entertainment industry.

Rozzy during the interview disclosed that growing up she use to Copy K-Man’s lyrics and sing them word for word because music has always been a passion since she was a child

She went further to also that She was active in church during her early days in music and being a choir leader at that time it is safe to say her music career had its foundation in the church.

Rozzy furthered that she gained a passion for Sierra Leone music because she noticed that people are projecting the wrong picture of sierra Leone, and decided to use her talent to project the beautiful side of sierra Leone through her music

I Love Sierra Leone because nobody can tell the story of sierra Leone more than ourselves” she states

She further disclosed that it was for this reason that she based her Education Project on the History of sierra Leone and also did a new song which is a whole documentary about Sierra Leone to be released soon.

Rozzy said she had singing talent since she was a child but also went to Balanta Academy to polish her talent. Adding that Artiste must learn to be consistent in what they do to be able to achieve high.

Explaining about her first hit song “Life goes on” Rozzy narrated that the song was initially supposed to be done by Kass of LXG, but Kass by then had little interest in the song, adding that Markmuday convince her into taking up the song something that she also was not too interested in because she thought the song will not be a hit. But the song eventually turned out to be the turning point of their music career.

Rozzy also disclosed that she packaged herself very well to attract brands and sponsors she also advised other Artiste to be able to package themselves well to attract brands and sponsors.

On her upcoming Brunch Festival in December, Rozzy disclosed that she decide to go for brunch (Lunch and Breakfast) Because she want fans of all ages to be able to interact and have a one-on-one with her