The Chairman of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), Hon. Dr. Roland Foday Kargbo has said in Freetown that they want to know what NGOs have received from development partners to implement projects in various parts across the country.

The objective he said is to ensure transparency and accountability in the utilization of funds.

“This committee wants to know what the NGOs are doing in the country. When development partners provide money to Sierra Leone, the total amount includes the amount provided to both government and NGOs. Many a time people misunderstand it not knowing that only 20% of the funds reach government, the rest goes to NGOs,” Hon. Kargbo said at a meeting with NGOs to explain to them about their mandate.

According New Vision Newspaper, he said the Committee is interested to know the different works NGOs are doing in Sierra Leone. He underscores the important role they, are playing to help government in the development process through the projects they are implementing.

“Despite all these successes, there is need for transparency and accountability to be seen in your operations. Most times, he said, government gets bad name from the people that they are receiving money from development partners to implement some projects that are not visible on the ground. Sometimes the resources provided are not equivalent to the amount received by government,” the Chairman emphasized.

He emphasized that the Committee will continue to monitor their activities to make sure the money reaches the targeted beneficiaries.