Soldiers believed to be fro the Republic of Guinea have erected pillars in the border town of Yenga in Kailahun District.

This latest move by the Guineans is seen as an eyesore by some Sierra Leoneans especially after some Senior Sierra Leonean military officers held talks with the Guineans over the town.

However, the engagement now seemed to have proven futile again as it is believed that such similar occurrence happened about two years ago.

According to report, a similar incident occurred in 2021 but a 5-hour diplomatic engagement led by Brigadier General Abu Bakarr Conteh from Sierra Leone helped ameliorate the issue.

This time around, Politico Newspaper reported that locals were stunned when some Guinean troops invaded the town with cement and sand to construct the said pillar more especially when news has surfaced that some officials from Freetown will be visiting the town soon again.

The Guinean military presence in Yenga started during the Sierra Leone civil war.

The town was used as a forward deployment since RUF rebels used Kailahun as a hub for some time to launch attacks.

Sierra Leone has since been advocating for the Guineans to return but with little progress as troops from Guinea have been coming in and going out of the town.