The chairman of the National Grand Coalition Party or NGC has suspended some key members of the party in the last week or so. Chairman Brightest only stopped short of actually throwing those people out the party because he had to respect the party constitution but it looks very clear to us in this little corner that those people are effectively dead within the NGC.

Since reading those letters we have spoken to a few people including some of those trapped in that quagmire. We get the sense that they are now considering their options.

Here’s a line from the letter wrote to his party’s acting district chairman in Kenema in the cast:

BRIGHTEST: “your actions have contributed to the lowering of standards and morals in the party to the extent that loyal party official during the ongoing lower level elections are now threatening to leave the party in large numbers”.

According to Brightest those actions include “spreading of violence and unruly behaviour” that is “undermining the integrity of the ongoing lower level elections”. Anyway, apart from this acting district chairman, a handful of others have also been suspended. Well done Brightest.

The point is, we are also totally against violence and unruly behaviour but we have to let our readers know what some of those we spoke to told us about the potential purge of certain people from the ranks of the NGC.

  1. There is a big power struggle in the NGC. Brightest is not sure about his own ability to remain as chairman so he may well be trying to clear the way as they build up to their party congress. He is facing a very strong challenge.
  2. One of the suspended people told us that a good number of NGC people don’t like the direction in which Brightest is taking the party out or at least prevent them from attending and voting for a leadership of their choice at the party convention.
  3. They say Brightest ought to know that they NGC is in deep trouble even in its heartland and in Kambia and that instead of consolidating what is left of their membership since 2018, he is busy trying to remove influential members and their supporters from the party.
  4. Anyway, Brightest will soon set up another party because he doesn’t like being defeated in a party chairmanship election. He left the green people as soon as it became clear he was heading for defeat.
  5. Our prediction is that some of those now suspended for “violence” and “anti-party activities” will soon consult lawyers and approach the courts. Green guys might well be in the background have a good laugh. By the way, where is KKY in all of this?