A delegation from the Nigerian Defence College, who are on a study tour in Sierra Leone, on Wednesday, 22nd May, 2024, paid a courtesy visit to the Inspector General of Police (IGP), William Fayia Sellu, at his office on George Street, Freetown.

The head of the delegation, Brigadier General A.M. Grema, who also serves as the Director of Coordination for the Nigerian Armed Forces, informed the IGP that his team consisted of two members from the directorates, three professors from the Nigeria Defence Academy’s postgraduate school, and 42 participants and 32 students. The team is running degree programmes for senior course students.

Brigadier General Grema explained that the African Students’ tour is part of the curriculum for the senior course at the college and that every year, the team selects students to visit different African countries. This year, he noted that seven countries were selected, including Sierra Leone, with six other teams and six countries undertaking similar exercises.

The Brigadier General emphasized that at the end of the exercise, each team will make a formal presentation to the college committee. He concluded by expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality extended to the team by the Inspector General of Police; stating that they had not missed anything since their arrival in Sierra Leone, due to the existing friendly relations between the two countries.

“We have seen more than enough,” he added. “We have visited many places, seen various presentations, and I want to thank the Inspector General of Police for his hospitality.”

In response, Inspector General of Police William Fayia Sellu welcomed the delegation to Sierra Leone and by extension to Police Headquarters, noting that Nigeria and Sierra Leone have a long historical relationship dating back to the colonial era. He mentioned that during the Civil War in Sierra Leone, Nigeria showed major concern to end the war, which was why it was even called Nigeria-led ECOMOG Forces. He added that this bond has been maintained over time.

IGP Sellu reiterated that even in the diaspora, Nigerians always exhibit strong love towards Sierra Leoneans.

Mr. Sellu also mentioned that the SLP is part of NIPS (National Institute of Police Studies) in Nigeria. He revealed that his predecessor established an agreement with the then Inspector General of Nigeria Police Force to have exchange training programmes; and that he plans to attend the West Africa Police Chief conference in Nigeria. The IGP is hopeful that if he attends the police chiefs meeting, he will use the opportunity to reactivate and seek support for capacity-building training programmes.

“I am humbled to receive you in my office and welcome you to Sierra Leone,” Inspector General Sellu noted.

The courtesy visit culminated to the Inspector General being decorated in honor of his remarkable performance and contribution to policing, followed by a group photo.