Emmanuel Christian Thorli, the Proprietor and Managing Editor of Night Watch Newspaper, has been released from police custody after being arrested earlier this week in connection with a recent newspaper publication.

Thorli’s detention stemmed from a series of publications, with a notable one on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, titled “We cannot Wait For Bio to Continue in Power until 2028 – Sierra Leoneans.” This publication appears to have been a focal point leading to his arrest, according to reliable sources.

This isn’t the first time the controversial journalist has found himself behind bars due to his publications. In December 2022, Thorli, the Managing Editor of Night Watch Newspaper, was similarly detained by the Sierra Leone Police at the Criminal Investigation Department.

The circumstances surrounding his release remain unclear, and details about any formal charges or conditions related to his release have not been disclosed as of yet. Thorli’s arrest had sparked concerns about press freedom and the right to express dissenting opinions.