The Najala University administration is set to finally transfer all undergraduate students studying in Freetown to Mokonde (Njala Campus)

This transfer is set to take effect at the commencement of the new academic year 2022/2023 academic year.

The School of Technology of the University has been operating both in Mokonde and Freetown for the past years. The administration through a representative met with students to notify them of the decision to transfer them to Mokonde in a meeting three months ago, citing that they are undergoing too many expenses to run the Campus.

In response, the students told the representative that sending them to Mokonde is like sending them out of course because the majority of them are self-catered for, paying their fees and other academic expenses on the little they are getting from their day jobs. If they are transferred to Mokonde they would not be able to meet their academic dues and other expenses.

The students also cited that most of them applied in 2019 but were unable to continue because they had to go to Mokonde at the time. They only re-applied in 2020 because they were assured by the administration that they will be able to study in Freetown.

Despite all these responses the administration is keen on transferring these students to Mokonde. The Administration is currently working on the official notice to notify students of their transfer to Mokonde.