In a recent appearance before the committee on appointments and public service for vetting, Chernor Bah, the newly appointed Minister of Information and Civic Education, expressed his commitment to serve the people of Sierra Leone with utmost dedication, humility, and confidence.

During the vetting process, Bah made significant promises to enhance information access, promote digital literacy, and safeguard free speech in the country.

The Minister outlined his ambitious plans to revolutionize the media landscape, emphasizing his intent to invest in cutting-edge equipment that would bolster the quality of reporting. This strategic move aims to disseminate truthful, positive, and clear information to the citizens of Sierra Leone.

At my confirmation interview for Minister of Information and Civic Education today, I assured MPs that I’ll lead with humility and confidence, expand information access and digital literacy, and promise free speech in Sierra Leone,” Bah affirmed. “I’ll always speak positively, clearly, and truthfully.”

With Chernor Bah’s assurance and determination, Sierra Leone looks forward to an era of enhanced information flow, increased digital literacy, and a thriving media ecosystem that upholds the principles of truth and transparency, ultimately benefiting the nation and its citizens.