In a meeting held yesterday, Saturday, June 8th, Assistant Inspector General (AIG) Sylvester Koroma, the Regional Commander for Freetown West, emphasized there are currently no approved demonstrations scheduled to take place in Freetown.

AIG Koroma’s message served as a dual assurance and warning. He assured residents of Freetown that their safety is a priority, and warned those potentially planning disruptions that law enforcement will take decisive action.

“We will not tolerate any attempts to disrupt public order and safety,” AIG Koroma stated. “People from all walks of life deserve peace, and those who aim to disturb it for their own purposes will be stopped.”

The meeting involved collaboration between AIG Koroma, police commanders from Freetown West, and members of the Local Policing Partnership Board (LPPB). Together, they outlined a plan to maintain robust security measures and prevent any unauthorized demonstrations.

“Our Local Unit Commanders are at a high state of preparedness,” AIG Koroma said. “They will not allow any illegal demonstrations within their divisions.”

LPPB members pledged their support, confirming they will actively engage their communities and spread awareness that unauthorized demonstrations are unlawful.

This collaborative effort underscores the commitment of Freetown West authorities to maintaining peace and order for the benefit of all residents.