During the handing over speech the outgoing Minister Ministry of Works and Public Assets, Hon. Peter Bayuku Konteh,ย  emphasized his commitment to a transparent and accountable tenure.

He asserted that during his five-year term, no government assets were sold, freeholds granted, or buildings constructed on government land without proper approval.

The only exception was a temporary structure constructed by the Sierra Leone Commercial Bank at the Youyi Building grounds. Hon. Peter Bayuku Konteh also clarified that he had never rented any government-confiscated house or personalized any government asset.

Welcoming the new Minister, Dr. Denis Sandy, J.C Jones, Permanent Secretary of the Works Ministry, expressed gratitude for Hon. Konteh’s service and acknowledged that all things come to an end. She wished him well and extended a warm welcome to the incoming Minister.

As part of the handover process, Hon. Peter Bayuku Konteh presented a comprehensive Handing Over-Note outlining the Ministry’s mandate, functions, and ongoing tasks to Dr. Denis Sandy and his Deputy. He expressed his appreciation to President Bio for the opportunity to serve Sierra Leone during his tenure.

In response, Dr. Denis Sandy assured the ministry’s staff that he would lead with fairness and impartiality, avoiding favoritism and disservice. He stressed his commitment to recalibrate the ministry’s operations to align with the New Direction mandate. One of his priorities is to address potholes in major streets to ensure smooth driving for President Bio and all citizens.

Furthermore, the outgoing Minister directed individuals with inquiries related to government assets to contact the National Assets and Government Property Commission, while road contract and payment inquiries should be addressed to the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) management. He also designated the Permanent Secretary and the Professional Head of the Ministry to handle financial and project-related queries.

Hon. Peter Bayuku Konteh expressed gratitude to the dedicated staff of the Ministry, acknowledging their professionalism and hard work. He specifically commended several members of the team, including the Permanent Secretary, secretaries, office assistants, budget officer, accountant, procurement officer, personal secretary, and IT unit for their significant contributions to the Ministry’s achievements.

Representatives from the National Assets and Government Property Commission and the Sierra Leone Roads Authority expressed their support for the new Minister during the ceremony.

Looking back on his tenure, Hon. Konteh, who served as both the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Minister of Works & Public Assets, recounted the challenges he faced and the accomplishments achieved with the available resources and manpower.

As Hon. Peter Bayuku Konteh concludes his term, staff members expressed their admiration for his integrity, team spirit, and dedication to results. They expressed sadness at his departure and wished him success in his future endeavors.

The transition of leadership from Hon. Peter Bayuku Konteh to Dr. Denis Sandy marks a new chapter for the Ministry of Works and Public Assets, with renewed commitment to transparency, efficiency, and improved infrastructure for the benefit of the nation and its citizens.