Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, lawyer for former Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma, strongly warns that the accusations against is client, lightly treating serious charges jeopardizes national safety and security, and so he vow to fight vigorously for his client’s innocence.

Former Sierra Leone President Ernest Bai Koroma found himself facing serious charges, as he was arraigned last Wednesday on a four-count indictment, including the grave charge of treason and two counts of harboring fugitives. The charges are rooted in an alleged involvement in a plot to overthrow Sierra Leone’s government on November 26, 2023.

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, the seasoned lawyer representing the former president, emerged as a staunch defender, vowing to fight vigorously for his client’s innocence. In a press statement, Kamara expressed deep concern over the implications of such charges, warning that the citizens of Sierra Leone are not safe if the present government doesn’t prioritize peace.

This is a case we will fight. We will fight it vigorously to prove his innocence. And just not for his innocence, but for the people of this country,” Kamara declared emphatically. His words underscored the gravity of the situation, suggesting that the legal battle ahead is not just about the individual fate of Ernest Bai Koroma but about the broader implications for the nation’s safety and security.

Kamara went on to highlight the dangers of such measures to the state, insisting that taking accusations of this magnitude lightly could jeopardize the safety of every citizen. “Otherwise, no one is safe. No one is safe. That’s very dangerous for the state. For the peace and security, you don’t take measures like this lightly. And we have not taken it lightly. We will pursue it. We’ll defend it,” he asserted with conviction.

The promise to defend Koroma was coupled with a call for the government to give peace a chance, suggesting that a failure to do so could escalate tensions and compromise the safety of the Sierra Leonean people. As the legal battle unfolds, the nation watches closely, grappling with the weighty accusations against a former leader and the potential ramifications for its political landscape and stability.