Popular housemate Hassanatu Julie Tombo. has been criticized by fans of Paul Mbayo over body shaming allegations.In defense of Nohmi George, Julie Tombo has been accused of Body Shaming Paul Mbayo in the house

In recent times, Paul and Nohmi Geoge were in a bitter war of words when Julie Tombo joined the fracas by referring to Paul eyes as “Ben Eye”( Unstraight Eyes)

Body shaming can be simply define as the act of humiliating someone by making inappropriate or negative comments about their body shape or or Size

It is obvious that Paul has issue with his eyes but Julie of “Team baby mama” body shaming Paul is somehow generating discussion in different quarters on the performance characters of the Housemates presently in the House.

However, Nohmi George in one of her presentation in the house had cited Julie as an example of someone who has been enduring stigmatization because of her six children it is therefore ironical that Julie is body shaming Paul because of the shape of his eye.