In a speech delivered during Eid-ul-Fitr prayers, the Resident Minister of Sierra Leone’s North West Region, Hon. Ambassador Umaru Bond Wurrie, urged young people to avoid protesting the recent arrest of APC’s Abu Bakarr Boxx Konteh.

Minister Wurrie addressed a large gathering of Muslim worshippers at the Sendugu praying field. After extending Eid greetings and thanking the Jamat for completing the Ramadan fast, he disclosed intelligence suggesting plans for youth protests over Konteh’s arrest.

The Minister appealed for calm and urged everyone to maintain peace.

Wurrie also highlighted growing concerns about the rampant consumption of Kush, a dangerous drug, particularly among young people. He reminded the audience of the recent state of health emergency declared by the President and emphasized the community’s role in combating this menace.

The Minister implored parents to act as primary security for their children, advocating for cross-parental vigilance and collaboration with security forces to fight the spread of this harmful substance.

The Eid-al-Fitr prayer ceremony brought together Muslim residents from across Port Loko City. Sheik Elmu Kargbo of the Gbalakinta Mosque led the prayers, which followed statements from various stakeholders, including the police, section chiefs, the Chiefdom speaker, the district council of Imams, and the Resident Minister himself.