The National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) is the leading producer of oil and gas company in Sierra Leone. The company has been rated as a business entity that is first in terms of customer care.

Dealing in various petroleum products, the company has been widely acclaimed for the cordial, smart and efficient manner in how Filling Station Pump Attendants are treating its numerous customers in different parts of the country. Despite the sudden increment in the fuel price, the company still remains the 1st for customer care.

In recent times, the company made it clear to the public that there is enough fuel, the management of NP (SL) LTD admonished the public to desist from Panic buying.

Despite the company’s effort in making the fuel crisis less stressful and less severe to many Sierra Leoneans, there are yet rumours claiming the company is meddling in politics.

On a recent video from the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Madam Fatima Bio, she claimed that, the reason behind the scarcity of fuel is as a result of APC members owing these petroleum companies and intentionally causing artificial scarcity of fuel.

To clear the air of these rumours, the Management of NP (SL) LTD on the 29th Match 2022 released a press statement. On the press release, the NP management made it vividly clear that, the NP as a company has non of its tentacles affiliated to politics. “NP does not meddle in politics…” the administration said.

On the Press Statement it reads:

“NP – A wholly owned Sierra Leonean Company that cooperates and partners with Government in the supply of petroleum products and does not meddle in politics

Following recent social media communications in circulation relating to fuel shortage in the country, the Board of Directors of NP (SL) Limited (“NP”) and the Management of the company have considered it necessary to issue this statement for the attention of the public and to set the records straight.

Management would like the public to know that NP (SL) Limited is a wholly owned Sierra Leonean company that was privatized in 1996 pursuant to the recommendations of the World Bank.

We would also like the public to know that the current fuel situation in the country is due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, this event being one of the impacts on the global supply chain of petroleum products because Russia supplies 56% of diesel that is consumed in Africa.

The shortage of fuel, including diesel, is therefore not created by any Oil Marketing Company in the country.

Also important for the public to know is the fact that Government is one of the biggest customers of NP and any experienced business entity can only endeavour to deliver good customer experience to its customers. NP has indeed been cooperating and working in collaboration with Government especially as a partner with Government in the supply of petroleum products for the country.

As a matter of fact, petrol has been available in all NP stations throughout the country and NP has been selling products to members of the public during these challenging times.

It is true that there was a low stock of diesel, but NP has managed that stock responsibly to ensure that the country does not run out of diesel completely. NP has also made fuel available to essential services including the key security services as well as the public during these challenging times.

NP (SL) Limited would like to assure everyone including its numerous customers that it has just received a consignment of diesel that will soon be made available for the public to access.

It is our hope that unjustified sentiments expressed in social media communications will not expose the company to any risks.

The company however has the firm conviction and assurance that Government will ensure that critical assets of the company and indeed of all Oil marketing companies are always protected.

Against this backdrop, Management reiterates that NP (SL) Limited has nothing to do with politics as the Shareholders and Management of the company are only keen on seeing their business grow from strength to strength and not to meddle in politics.”