In response to the ongoing fuel scarcity concerns in Sierra Leone, NP-SL Ltd, the country’s foremost importer and marketer of petroleum products, has announced the arrival of a massive consignment of 30,000 metric tons of essential petroleum products at its Kissy Terminal.

This substantial consignment comprises two vessels: the MT Papillon, carrying 11,000 metric tons of petrol, and the MT Marlin Aqua Marine, transporting 19,000 metric tons of diesel. This latest shipment underscores NP-SL’s consistent commitment to delivering substantial quantities of fuel, solidifying its reputation as the primary entity fueling Sierra Leone’s petroleum needs.

Speaking on the arrival of the products, the CEO Amb. Kobi Walker emphasized the significance of this consignment in meeting the nation’s fuel demands, especially during the festive period.

Amb. Walker affirmed that this substantial consignment will ensure a continuous and sufficient supply of fuel, guaranteeing stability not only during the festive season but also beyond. “We recognize the paramount importance of a consistent fuel supply, particularly during peak periods such as the festive season. Our commitment to delivering the largest consignments underscores our unwavering dedication to fulfilling the energy needs of our nation,” remarked Amb. Walker.

In another development, the NP Communications Manager, Dr Williette James, has revealed that the Company has started the process of supplying 5,000 metric tons of fuel to the Republic of Guinea “Fuel tankers from Guinea are already at the NP Kissy Terminal to load the consignment” added Dr. James, illustrating the company’s regional efforts to address fuel needs beyond Sierra Leone’s borders.

VP Juldeh, CEO NP, PRA Chair coordinating the supply for Guinea.

Furthermore, she highlighted the company’s proactive approach to distributing the products promptly to filling stations across Sierra Leone. This strategic move aims to avert any potential shortages that could disrupt daily life, ensuring that the populace has access to an uninterrupted fuel supply.

Guinean security and SL authorities

Fuel scarcity has been a persistent challenge in the country, prompting NP-SL Ltd to take proactive measures to ensure a stable and uninterrupted fuel supply. By reinforcing its pivotal role in the nation’s energy landscape, NP-SL aims to alleviate the burden on the Sierra Leonean populace by providing a seamless and continuous flow of fuel.

NP-SL’s dedication to addressing fuel scarcity issues marks a significant stride in safeguarding the energy needs of Sierra Leone, promising a more reliable and consistent supply of petroleum products for the nation’s benefits.