The National Revenue Authority-NRA has on the 7th May, 2024 engaged Key players in the clearing and forwarding sector on HS code upgrade in Asycuda world.

The Customs Service Department at the National Revenue Authority (NRA) has initiated engagement sessions with players in the clearing and forwarding sector which is in a proactive move to streamline operations and ensure compliance in the country.

The reported that, the upgrade process in the ASYCUDA WOLRD was completed with the help of the ECOWAS-WCO Africa team.

Tennyson Bio, the Commissioner of Customs Service Department revealed that, the aim of the gathering was to inform stakeholders about the update of the Harmonized System (HS) Code to the latest version in the ASYCUDA WORLD System. He further highlighted the benefits of the system which ranged from increasing revenue mobilization and statistical data in a bid to enhance correct record of trade statistics.

The HS Code, also known as commodity code is a standardized numerical method used by customs authorities around the world to classify tradable products. By updating to the latest version in the ASYCUDA WORLD System, the NRA aims to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in customs procedures.

They revealed that, these changes will provide detailed description for all petroleum products.

This action can be moved to maintained the commitment to modernize the customs operations and ensuring a smooth transition to the latest version of the HS Code in the ASYCUDA WORLD System.