The satellite Desk can authoritatively reveal that without proper and transparent tax collection being put in place, government through the National Revenue Authority (NRA) is losing billions of taxations.

This has been the case before when importer and businesses enjoyed tax holidays at the detriment of the State that is tasked with the responsibility to provide access to improved social service delivering to the people.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced in 2009 and populated in 2010 by the erstwhile Koroma administration but the much expected revenue generation from this type of taxation was never realized due to nefarious activities of business owners and importers.

It is apparent that government can provide the needed social services to the people from the taxes generated. Non-compliance by taxpayers often derailed the aspirations of successive governments.

With the advent of the New Direction Government of President Julius Maada Bio and Dr. Samuel S. Jigbao at the helm of affairs at NRA, they introduced stringent and transparent tax collection policies in place to generate the needed revenue for the state.

The transparent ta systems being put in place are all geared towards reducing dependency on donor support to the country’s annual national budget.

Though tax compliance by business owners globally is difficult, the introduction of Emergency Cash Register (ECR) machines on businesses with over L100 million income turnover is timely and geared towards closing all the leakages in GST from businesses.

NRA has been losing billions of leones on GST which the management of NRA has stood firmly this time around to mitigate in the interest of Sierra Leoneans.