The National Revenue Authority (NRA) has on the 6th March, 2024 collaborated with the ministry of Planning And Economic Development (MoPED) in engaging some groups of Non-Governmental Organisations in the country with regards to the duty free exemption in the country.

This was initiated by the Commissioner General of Sierra Leone’s National Revenue Authority (NRA), Madam Jeneba Bangura who conducted a courtesy visit to the Minister of Planning and Economic Development (MoPED), Madam Kenyeh Barlay, at her Tower Hill Office.

It was revealed that the focused ย of the meeting was based on the vital need to collaborate with the NGO sector regarding Duty Free exemptions that will be of greater help to the people of the country.

Their engagement led to the point of emphasizing the compliance with legislation to facilitate the efficient clearing of goods outlined in the 2023 Act. They raised awareness among NGO leadership and constituents regarding the Tax and Duty Free Exemption Act of 2023 and the new Finance Act of 2024 and also addressed tax clearances, income and rent taxes, and streamlining clearing processes to mitigate delays.

The NRA commissioner highlighted the importance of taxpayer education, particularly for NGOs, underscoring the direct impact of legislation on their operations. She emphasized the need for clarity on the Duty Waiver Act of 2023 and introduced insights into the new Finance Act of 2024 as well as advocated for solutions to address challenges like demurrage costs and proposed the appointment of dedicated staff to facilitate tax clearance and registration processes.

Christian Kamara, Board Chair of SLANGO, expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort between MoPED and NRA, emphasizing the importance of addressing key issues such as tax administration and clearing processes.

Eric Massallay, Director of NGO Affairs, pledged enhanced efforts to tackle duty waiver concerns and commended the Commissioner General for her unwavering support towards creating an enabling environment for NGOs.