Six accused persons have appeared before Appeals Court Judge, Justice Ansumana Ivan Sesay in Tonkolili District over alleged charges of kidnap of a police officer and other offenses.

The accused persons; Emmanuel Gbla, David Gbla, Mohamed Gbla, Alie Kamara, Abdul Bangura and Abdulai Kamara are being tried on ten counts indictment ranging from Conspiracy to commit Riotous Conduct, Riotous Conduct, Kidnapping, Wounding with Intent, Throwing Missiles and Resisting Police Arrest among others.

According to the particulars of offence, the six accused persons on the 17th day of March, 2020 at Tonkolili District in the North-East Region of the country conspired together with other persons’ unknown to commit Riotous Conduct, Kidnapped Detective Sergeant 7846 Nathaniel Lamin, Maliciously Damaged three side glasses of Police Vehicle with registration number SLP 246 among others.

Shortly after their arraignment before the Court, the accused persons pleaded not guilty to all ten counts brought up against them by the State.

Sesay granted the Trial by Judge alone application made by the State Prosecutor, Joseph A K Sesay.

In his evidence in Chief, Prosecution witness, Police Constable 18864 Francis Junior Sesay formally attached to the Magburuka Police Station but now at the OSD Headquarters in Freetown, recognized all accused persons.

He recalled that he was on duty with other Police Officers on the 17th March 2020 when the Operations Officer, one Inspector Jalloh asked them to go to a certain village called Mamano to resolve the misunderstanding among community stakeholders and some youths.

He said during the execution of their lawful duties, certain people in the village including the accused descended on them in a riotous manner, beat up and wounded Police Officers and damaged the glasses of the police vehicle.

Under cross examination by defence Lawyer Mohamed Korie from the Legal Aid Board, the witness confirmed that he was wounded by the accused persons during the riot.

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