Apologizing to the All Peoples Congress membership, Minkailu Koroma speaking on behalf of the NRM at their party’s Emergency Delegates Conference in Makeni assured the delegates that they never meant bad for the APC party in going to court over issues in the past three years.

Speaking to the party membership, he disclosed that after losing the 2018 election despite winning majority seats in Parliament and also winning the bulk of the Chairman Persons of Councils and Mayors, they decided to form the NRM to investigate the reasons for such happenings.

“The NRM never meant bad for the APC. We are sons and daughters of the APC. We have nowhere to go,” he said, while apologizing on behalf of the NRM membership whose aim is to ensure everyone have access to participate in the party without fear or favour.

He assured the party membership that the Convention will help the party to win the 2023 elections based on their determination and work done on the draft Constitution, calling on everyone to listen to the party leadership and ensure they do the appropriate thing.

“After this Convention, there will be no more Court case. No one will go to Court again. All the concerns have been addressed in the draft Constitution,” he assured.

Making his contribution, the Diaspora Representative, Ibrahim Yankay Sesay, maintained the diaspora have played a great role in ensuring the right things are done based on the court order in the interest of the party, adding that their aim is to ensure the APC sail to victory, calling on the delegates to think the party while taking any decision, should try to understand each other than going to court.

“Let’s choose reconciliation as the path than going to the court,” he urged the party membership, disclosing if they continue to be angry they would not have any head way, which according to him will hinder their chances of winning the 2023 elections.

Speaking on behalf of Alfred Peter Konteh, Ambassador Ibrahim Sorie, said the APC is the property of its members, maintaining he is an elder of the APC, which is why he decided to come forward and represent Alfred Peter Konteh, disclosing they decided to go to court instead of them destroying the party.

With this statement from Amb. Ibrahim Sorie, the APC members in the hall started booing him for him to take his seat despite him chanting the party slogan. It was not until the leader of the Party stood and calmed the membership down that order was restored in the hall.

According to Amb. Ibrahim Sorie, if they want the case to be removed from the court they should learn to listen to one another as a member, expressing Alfred Peter Konteh’s appreciation for the process, stating they want a modern constitution.