The National Sports Authority (NSA) has collaborated with the Ministry Of Tourism And Cultural Affairs in an effort to enhance Sports, Tourism, and Cultural Development in Sierra Leone

The Deputy Executive Director of the National Sports Authority (NSA), Dr. Abdul Rahman Swaray, and his team paid led the visit to the esteemed Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, Nabeela Farida Tunis, and her senior officials at the Ministry’s office on Kingharman Road on the primary objective to explore avenues for advancing sports, tourism, and cultural development in Sierra Leone through strategic collaboration.

They discussed several developmental key points ranging from the exciting opportunity for the construction of an-indoor facility at Lumley Beach by Africell, acting on behalf of the Sierra Leone Basketball Association. This initiative seeks to enhance sports infrastructure and promote basketball activities in the region, also on the effective collaboration surrounding traditional sports and games and their significant contributions to local tourism and cultural enrichment. The participants acknowledged the role of traditional sports in fostering social cohesion, peace-building, and influencing societal behavior and attitudes, and an immense potential for the development of sports and tourism in Sierra Leone, underscoring the importance of leveraging these sectors for sustainable growth and cultural promotion.

Minister Tunis welcomed the idea as well as appreciated them for the efforts and the though of collaborating with her ministry. She emphasized the pivotal role of traditional sports in fostering unity, peace, and national identity, highlighting their importance in shaping societal values and the general populace.

She introduced the Ministry’s “Tourism for All” campaign, emphasizing the thematic area of ‘Create and Innovate,’ where sports play a crucial role as a strategic partner in achieving the campaign’s objectives and affirmed the Ministry’s readiness to collaborate with the NSA, especially in the upcoming Budapest rally and the proposed Tour de Freetown.

Both parties were happy with the move and commit themselves to working harder in making sure that they achieve the combined goal.