In anticipation of the upcoming June 2023 election in Sierra Leone, a delegation of European Union (EU) election observers paid a courtesy visit to Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Mamadi Gobeh Kamara.

The meeting took place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) building in Tower Hill on May 19, 2023.

The EU observer team, led by Evin Inclir, consists of 28 long-term and 40 short-term members who will closely monitor the general election scheduled for June 24th. Their primary objective is to evaluate Sierra Leone’s level of preparedness for the forthcoming election. Additionally, the team will assess the progress made in implementing recommendations provided by EU observers during the previous election in 2018.

During the meeting, Evin Inclir, the head of the observer team, expressed the mission’s purpose and emphasized their commitment to ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process.

Inclir highlighted the importance of assessing the country’s readiness for the upcoming election, considering the recommendations made by the EU observers in 2018.

Responding to the delegation, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Mamadi Gobeh Kamara highlighted the achievements of President Bio’s government, particularly in electoral and judicial reforms, media freedom, women’s empowerment, good governance, and the rule of law.

She further informed the team about the substantial progress made in implementing the recommendations provided by the EU observers in 2018.

Reiterating the government’s dedication to facilitating a peaceful, credible, and unbiased election, the Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister expressed gratitude to the EU for its continuous support of Sierra Leone’s development endeavors. She assured the EU observers of the government’s unwavering cooperation throughout the electoral process.

The courtesy visit by the EU election observers serves as an essential step in evaluating Sierra Leone’s readiness for the upcoming June 2023 election. By engaging with key stakeholders, including government officials, the observer mission aims to contribute to the realization of a transparent, inclusive, and democratic electoral process in Sierra Leone.