A viral video has captured public attention after showcasing a large oil spill on the Bo Highway, leading to multiple vehicle accidents. The extensive oil slick, visible across both lanes of the road, created treacherous conditions for drivers, particularly those traveling at high speeds.

The video depicts a concerning scene: an overturned ambulance, its driver recounting the perilous situation. He explains how approaching a queue of vehicles at high speed and applying the brakes resulted in a loss of traction due to the oil, causing him to swerve and ultimately overturn the vehicle. Fortunately, the driver reports no fatalities, though injuries were sustained.

Further evidence of the incident is a damaged Kekeh (three-wheeled motorbike taxi) with a shattered windshield and visible dents. The video suggests this vehicle was also caught in an accident related to the oil spill.

The motive behind the oil spill remains unclear. Online speculation points towards an attempt to disrupt travel to the weekend’s OBBA Thanksgiving ceremony.

However, a significant portion of viewers are calling for a government investigation to identify and hold those responsible accountable. This act is widely condemned as a reckless disregard for public safety.

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