A woman has been stabbed in her home by thugs during a Zonal Election of the Sierra Leone’s People Party (SLPP) in Freetown.

A candidate of the zonal election of constituency 116 identified as Possowa is said to have the thugs who carried out the stabbing.

In a video obtained by Sierraloaded, we could see a woman identified in the video as a Zonal Executive of one of the aspirant Chairman Marah having an injury in her stomach which was obtained in a stab.

According to the background voice in the video, the woman was in her house when members of the opposing team went to her house with thugs to stab her.

“Possowa guys sent by Jimmy Batilo and Mariah went into her house to stab her because her support is for Chairman Marah”

“Just because they stood firm that chairman Marah should win that is why they stabbed her in her house,” the voice is heard saying.