In a strong statement during their party’s maiden parliamentary press conference on May 29, Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Abdul Kargbo, criticized the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for failing to investigate substantial sums of unaccounted government funds.

Kargbo highlighted revelations from the Auditor-General’s Report, pointing out that the ACC has not acted on findings of significant financial discrepancies. He accused the commission of not holding the current government accountable, stating that the country witnessed its highest cash loss in 2022, with a staggering 325 billion old Leones (approximately $32.5 million USD) unaccounted for, without any subsequent action taken by the ACC.

Referencing the Auditor-General’s Report, Kargbo detailed the pattern of missing funds over several years. He noted that in 2018, 140.9 billion old Leones were unaccounted for, while in 2019 and 2020, the amounts were 177.6 billion and 153.9 billion old Leones, respectively. He further claimed that the losses continued with 187.3 billion old Leones missing in 2021, escalating to 325 billion old Leones in 2022.

Kargbo drew comparisons to previous years under his party’s governance, citing lower amounts of unaccounted funds: 104 billion old Leones in 2014, 75 billion old Leones in 2015, 75.5 billion old Leones in 2016, and 37.2 billion old Leones in 2017. He argued that the current government’s losses in a single year surpass the total losses over five years during his party’s rule.

Recalling the arrests of numerous APC officials following the 2018 audit report, Kargbo alleged that the ACC’s inactivity signifies a bias, as the commission appears dormant when it comes to scrutinizing the current government.

Dr. Unpha Sorie Gbassav Koroma, who also spoke at the press conference, stated that this event is the first in a series of planned press briefings. These sessions aim to keep the public informed about parliamentary activities and national issues.

He announced that future conferences will feature experts and professionals who will provide recommendations on critical matters such as fuel, electricity, inflation, and exchange rates, aiming to address the pressing challenges faced by the masses.