In a significant turn of events, the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Abdul Kargbo, has declared that he will not be joining the proposed diplomatic trip to Washington DC alongside Chief Minister David Sengeh.

Taking to his social media platform, Hon. Kargbo expressed his commitment to meeting with the Chief Minister to discuss ways young people in governance can mitigate political tensions between the SLPP and APC, emphasizing the need for unity in the nation.

In his statement, Hon. Kargbo conveyed a message of fostering love over hate for the betterment of Sierra Leone, stating, “Let love prevail over hate because this is our only country. Unfortunately, I’ll not make it to the US.”

This announcement comes as a surprise, as Hon. Kargbo was initially set to be a vital part of the seven-member delegation scheduled for crucial diplomatic talks in the United States.

The delegation, led by Chief Minister David Sengeh, was intended to engage with senior members of the U.S. Executive Branch, Congress, and representatives from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

The primary objective was to underscore Sierra Leone’s steadfast commitment to implementing the “Agreement of National Unity” and electoral reforms.

In a parallel development, Chief Minister Sengeh also declared his withdrawal from the trip, citing pressing engagements requiring his presence within the country.

The absence of these key figures raises questions about the dynamics of the diplomatic mission and its potential impact on Sierra Leone’s bilateral relations with the United States.