Orange SL has awarded 10,000 to three successful winners in the grand finale of the Prove am Tiktok challenge on 30th September 2022, at the Orange SL Headquarters.

One of the three winners Stephan V. fewry took home 5,000 Leones followed by Transformer, Le 3,000 and Lansy 2,000 leones.

According to one of the hosts, Comedian Robinoh, more than 250 entries came in, and 27 were shortlisted.

Speaking on the area of set criteria for selection of the finalists, Mr. Philip Emeh Digital Communications Coordinator, Orange SL          pointed out that “Some of our partners help in choosing some of the best and afterwards it was sent to external judges. These external Judges are people that are practioners, are in the art, they are also academics that mean they study either Arts, Drama or they study theatre. So be sure they understand all the things that makes up a production.We graded them base on expertise, time management, creativity and execution.”

Emeh further clarified that some people were disqualified from the competition because they they did not use the Orange song pinned on the Orange Tiktok page and did not tag 3 people.

Consolation prizes were also given to all the shorlisted ten finalists. 3 phones were given to the 4th, 5th and 6th, and NLE 250 top-up to the 7th to 10th positions each.

Head of Orange Communications, Mohamed Kallon compares the ascendancy of Orange to that of Boeing Aeroplanes. He justified the ascendancy as a result of the Tiktokers onboard the Orange flight. He added that they acknowledged the efforts the Tiktokers are making in terms creation of content like the Orange Money reversal, Funky Friday, and Mid Week Bonus. He assured them that they track, monitor and do follow up on every content the Tiktokers put online. To strengthen the relationship between Orange and the Tiktokers, Mr Kallon promised that they will soon unveil a big surprise to the contents creators to take the relationship to another level.