Orange has announced the successful completion of repairs on the ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) submarine cable. The company confirmed that the quality of service has now returned to normal levels following the repair works.

The ACE submarine cable, a critical infrastructure for international telecommunications, experienced issues that necessitated repairs to restore optimal functionality. Orange has partnered with Zoodlabs to address these challenges effectively. The completion of the repair marks a pivotal moment in ensuring the continuity and reliability of service for Orange customers.

The telecommunications giant has expressed its gratitude to its customers for their patience and understanding during the repair period. Orange reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining high service standards and continuous vigilance to preempt any future issues.

We are pleased to inform you of the completion of the repairs on the ACE submarine cable. The quality of our service is now back to normal. We continue to observe and remain vigilant with the collaboration of Zoodlabs,” the company stated in a recent communication.

This announcement underscores Orange’s dedication to providing uninterrupted service and addressing technical challenges promptly. The successful repair and collaboration with Zoodlabs highlight the company’s proactive approach to maintaining its infrastructure and ensuring customer satisfaction.