On the 16th of November, 2023 the closing day of the National Youth Employment Entrepreneurship Fair 2023 (NYEEF), Orange Sierra Leone, a prominent mobile company in the Sierra Leone, took center stage by featuring Drizilik, one of Sierra Leone’s most celebrated music stars and a distinguished brand ambassador for the company.

The closing ceremony was a vibrant affair, as Drizilik’s performance added a touch of glamour and energy to the event.

Before captivating the audience with his chart-topping hits, Drizilik took a moment to express his gratitude. He extended heartfelt appreciation to the officials of the vice president and various organizations that played pivotal roles in ensuring the success of NYEEF 2023. The acknowledgment highlighted the collaborative effort involved in fostering youth employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

As the brand ambassador for Orange Sierra Leone, Drizilik used the platform to convey his best wishes to the participants, hoping for their success in securing promising job opportunities. His words resonated with encouragement and optimism, creating an inspiring atmosphere for the attendees and stakeholders present.

The National Youth Employment Entrepreneurship Fair served as a crucial platform for connecting aspiring youth with potential employers and entrepreneurial resources. Orange Sierra Leone’s involvement, culminating in Drizilik’s dynamic performance, underscored the company’s commitment to supporting initiatives that empower and uplift the youth.

The fusion of entertainment and empowerment at the closing ceremony left a lasting impression, marking Orange Sierra Leone’s dedication to fostering a positive impact on the nation’s youth and economic landscape. As the curtains closed on NYEEF 2023, the echoes of Drizilik’s performance and the collective aspirations for a brighter future lingered in the air.