On World Malaria Day, 25th April, 2024, Orange Sierra Leone, a leading mobile operator in the country, in partnership with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health launched free malaria vaccines for children under two years old. The initiative aims to significantly reduce malaria-related deaths among infants.

The official launch ceremony was held at the State House in Freetown, with President Julius Maada Bio personally releasing the first malaria vaccine for infants. Alongside the vaccine, bed nets and indoor spraying were also introduced as part of a comprehensive approach to eradicate malaria deaths in babies.

The event was attended by senior dignitaries from various organizations, ministers, and health officials, highlighting the importance and commitment of the nation to combat malaria.

President Bio described the launch as a crucial step towards protecting children as malaria remains a formidable foe affecting our communities.

“Together with our dedicated healthcare workers and international partners, we turn a new page in our fight against malaria,” Bio said.

“We are confident that the vaccine will help drastically reduce the rate of child mortality in our country and prepare our children to live a healthy and productive life. On this World Malaria Day, we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to control and ultimately eradicate malaria in Sierra Leone.”

In his address to the congregation, Sekou Amadou Bah, the CEO of Orange Mobile Company Sierra Leone, praised President Bio’s efforts in the fight against malaria. Bah reaffirmed Orange’s commitment to supporting the government’s initiatives, particularly in the area of malaria prevention.

“We are truly inspired by President Bio’s dedication to achieving zero malaria deaths in Sierra Leone,” said Bah. “Orange Mobile Company is proud to partner with the government in this noble cause. We will leverage our communication channels to raise awareness and educate the public about the importance of the malaria vaccine.”

Bah emphasized the company’s role in facilitating communication for the campaign. “Orange Mobile Company will provide the necessary communication channels to advertise this groundbreaking initiative. We will ensure that the public is well-informed about how and where to receive the malaria vaccine,” he added.