Orange Sierra Leone Limited on Wednesday opened its new refurbished office to the public and then introduced its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sekou Amadou Bah.

Addressing the public on the reasons for the refurbishment, the outgoing CEO Aminata Kane Njai said the purpose for the refurbishment is to improve the daily lives of the people of Sierra Leone through wonderful digital experience and to achieve this purpose; the welfare of their human resources is the most vital pillar.

“Over the years we have made great strides in empowering our staff through regular trainings, medical and life insurance, in house health centre, fitness sessions, canteen services and attractive benefits and wages. We then realized that as such as the office space was in good condition, it was not only Orange’s international boards.”

Applause of that Madam Aminata Kane averred that they started the journey to refurbish and extend their home in 2020 in the heat of Covid. They all went through an unprecedented crisis in the world which has underlined the vital dimension of their activities.

“We were forced to isolate ourselves in the face of this virus but thanks to our network resilience we continued to work and be virtually in touch with each other. During this crisis the daily commitment our staff was exceptional as their dedication and resolve resulted to the maintenance of uninterrupted quality of service.”

The CEO said the employees have worked tirelessly and passionately over the past five years, believing in the vision of the company to achieve the exceptional results they are all proud of, and today, they are proud to be inaugurating an edifice to not only appreciate their employees but to also ensure the existence of enhanced working environment that will not only meet international standard but also promote productivity and good health.

“I want to thank our shareholders, Orange and Sonatel for financing this project with the sum of Le11b. we also want to thank, our contractor and architect, Arch Design – 100% local content for transforming our dream into reality. This team of Sierra Leoneans has over a period of 2 years produced this hyperconnected building that can accommodate 201 employees, with 7 meting rooms, 24 closed offices for the top management, and 4 waiting rooms.”

Aminate Kane noted that they have integrated the best of today’s collaborative working methods which anticipates the link between teleworking and one-site work.

Their commitment to health and safety she said is exhibited in the inclusion of plants in and out of the building. They incorporated an African Sierra Leonean style to decorate the spaces using artworks and furniture form local artists. This office also hosts meeting aisles, terrace, a space for prayer, an in-house Clinic room, a nursery, and a fitness facility.

“Let me use this opportunity also to thank Antoine and his team for supervising this project to its conclusion. Orange group is extremely committed to be a major player of development in this country. We are convinced that what we do will be an essential lever for the development, growth, and influence of Sierra Leone in the region. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly thank the government of Sierra Leone, for allowing Orange to operate, invests and lead the democratization of data in this wonderful country. We believe that our investment is safe here, because of all your support.”

Madam Kaned thanked the media as she said that the support she received from them gave her the accolades and moral, even though sometimes they have their challenges, she said the media was very supportive and hope that they will do the same of her successor. “My final message goes to my team. I want to thank you for being the best of the best in the country, the region, and the continent. You deserve this work environment and even more. I am confident that this improved work space will further inspire you to work harder to achieve even better results in the coming years. It is also your responsibility to care for this office space to maintain its ambiance.”

Other speakers during the opening ceremony gave their own statements, with Hon. Boston Munda who is the Chairman of the Oversight Committee on Telecommunications praising Madam Kane and Orange for all what they have done and hope that the office will inspire the workers to do more in the future.

The Deputy Director General of NATCOM Amadu Brewah said working with Aminata Kane over the years was very good and commended Orange for all what they have done as he said the quality network and their coverage has helped Sierra Leone meet its commitment in and out of the country. The manager of Orange in the South Augustus Bendu said Orange is the best network in the country and they have proved it beyond all reasonable doubt.

According to Awoko Newspaper, he said they will not relent but will definitely miss Madam Kane for her motherly role she has been playing. The Human Resource Director Madam Agnes who gave the welcome address praised the outgoing CEO and said where ever she goes Orange Sierra Leone will be with her because the refurbished building and enhanced staff benefits are due to her that all the staff is enjoying.