Orange SL, the leading mobile operator in the country, last Thursday 27th October 2022, hosted stakeholders in the digital transformation sector in a bid to usher in the concept of Artificial Intelligence in Communication, which In a period could then be replicated among its partners.

A pile of activities and functions have been optimized a performed within the week by the leading telecoms service provider, Orange Sierra Leone, to celebrate the digital transformation week.

The activities were facial recognition, online connection, and WhatsApp shows, among others from Monday 24th October to Friday 18th of the same month.

The weeklong celebration was about showcasing the relevance of digitalization to the business sector. It is also about reminding people how the Orange SL network has led and donated to the digital industry for years.

Rounding up the activities, a Digital Transformation week workshop was held
Last Thursday at Orange headquarters in Freetown attended by personalities from different works of life under the theme: “how can Al drive business Making spec growth and outcomes in Sierra Leone”.

Speaking at the ceremony, the company General secondary sch Secretary, Haffie Haffner, told the audience that digital transformation should be at the heart of “Al has helped Business, and had to be recognized and celebrated specially.

“From Monday, Orange Sierra Leone embarked on several events to celebrate the digital transformation week”, Haffner informed the audience.

The OSI Secretary firmly believes that Al changes governments in the way things are done, and it is a must for business entities to adopt it for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

“I believe strongly that one cannot do business without AI. It improves customer service and efficiency in service delivery, and helps in capacity building”, Hefner explained.

She allayed fears that there will be job cuts or losses as Al gains a foothold in societies, especially Sierra Leone.

“With Al, jobs will remain intact,” she assured.

In a period of Al networks, she went on, it was Al immensely contributed to adjusting the way work was done and developed. with digitally generated data, the cost will be optimized and sound decisions made.

Throughout the years, she went on, OSI’s ambition is to become a digital trustworthy partner in Sierra Leone.

In her contribution, Director and Chief Operating Officer Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation (DSTI) Michiala Mackay said everything done today touched on Al technologies.

She went on to explain how digitalization could help society access information that can be used to solve societal problems.

“With Al. you get accurate information on social issues, human rights abuses, and service delivery”, she explained.

Making specific references, Mackay further explained how Al was used to tracking down pregnancies among female pupils in several secondary schools in the country.

“Al has helped the Ministry of Basic and Senior School Education track down 654 pregnancies among pupils she informed the audience”.

When COVID-19 struck in March 2020, Mackay went on Al was used to access vital information about the virus, and how government should respond to the threat.

“With Al, the government was advised on what needed to be done during lockdowns.

Using Al data collection, DSTI was able to conclude that most people flouted the lockdown rules owing to pressing welfare needs.

We, therefore, advised the government that the country could not be shut down for more than three days, she recounted.

The DSTI director also went further to explain how was Al immensely contributed to human capital and development.

“We use Al to test numeracy and literacy skills among pupils”, she said.

Outside the DSTI world. Al’s benefit to the banking sector is also ever-present.

The Managing Director of Rokel Commercial Bank Dr. Walton Gilpin said Al propelled national growth and development as it enables institutions to render service to a customer in the best way.

Dr. Gilpin went a long way to explain the ‘deep learning’ concept which enables managers and leaders to make accurate decisions through Al-driven data collection.

He also further emphasized that Al enhances speed and efficiency in attending to requests and inquiries.

“A customer can call and request his balance, the bank worker can easily go into the Sim korpor to give out the information in a very short period. Working within such hours ensures efficiency and profits for the institution”, he stressed.

Such quick action and results require deep learning.
With Al’s efficiency and effectiveness in producing results, Dr. Gilpin was highly convinced that the network is here to stay.

In her contribution, the OSI digital trainer, Pricillia Ikechukwu, said Al’s role is seen in repellents commerce, fraud detection, robotics agriculture, and aviation among others.

She further explained how the youths are being trained in digital skills to solve scandal problems.
She sums it up by reminding the audience that “Al can do at a faster pace what human beings can do but jobs cannot be lost”.