Orange Sierra Leone in Collaboration with Bike Riders Union have launched the Union’s newly constructed office and “Pay with Orange money Service on Thursday 3rd August 2023 at Jenner Wright Road, Up Gun, Freetown.

The colorful event was met with excitement and appreciation for the support Orange and Orange Money has given to Bike Riders Union and for the new service where Bike Riders and market women can now receive payment for services and goods through Orange Money.

In his Keynote address, Chief Executive Officer of Orange Sekou Amadou Bah congratulates the Executive of the Bike Riders Union for a Job well done. CEO Bah States “I’m happy to be here and to be the CEO that has facilitated this project with my team. It is not my day; It is the day of my team and the Bike Riders Union Executive. This is the beginning of a long Journey, a successful Journey. It is the beginning of the Partnership and my hope is that we continue to partner because we have a lot of potentials. We have a lot of things to put together. We can have a lot of Project that we can do together here in Freetown but also in Bo, Kenema, Makeni, Kono. So I will ask the Bike Riders Executive to make this project go forward to build a road map that will stay maybe forever because I think the Bike Riders are here forever and Orange is here to stay forever. So let build a project that will stay forever”

Sales and Commercial Expert for Orange SL, Bolor  Sesay expressed his excitement for the newly constructed office for the Bike Riders Union. He acknowledged that Bike Riders in Sierra Leone are the only people that can facilitate the delivery of Orange Products in the remotest areas of Sierra Leone. He revealed that their intention with this new partnership is not only the construction of a new building but to empower Bike Riders as a point of Sales to reach out to every remotest part of the country. He further described Bike Riders as a link to the business ecosystem in the country as they will work as Point of Sales while Market women will work as Merchants.

President of Bike Riders Association, Mr. Tellie Bah thanked Orange SL for the construction of the said Office and described their intervention as timely. He revealed that they started the project with the little earnings they normally collect from Riders on the street and Orange came on board because they saw strong signs of responsibility and hard work from their leadership.

Abibatu Baxter, Head of Partnership and Marketing at Orange SL pointed out that their dream and Vision for Orange Money is to ensure that nobody should struggle to walk with physical cash. She acknowledged that because of the so many challenges with moving with Physical Cash, Orange money intervene to reduce the sufferings of the people while doing basic financial transactions. He admonished Bike Riders not to reject Physical Cash but should provide their customers with Orange money as an alternative payment system. She further assured Bike Riders that they have an opportunity to keep their money on their phones and they also have option to remove their cash on a daily basis. She confirmed that Bike Riders can make a withdrawal of NL100 for free. She added that the company is also striving to make sure that the monies on their phones will be use to purchase fuel, licenses, and registration with the Union.

The ceremony climaxed with a raffle draw where lucky winners take home Orange Umbrellas and Bike helmets.