In a show of unity and support, the youth of Sierra Leone, represented by the Network of Community Youth Organizations (NCYO), have extended their congratulations to His Excellency Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio and the Honorable Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh on their re-elections.

The NCYO, a coalition of youth-serving organizations and activists across the country, released a statement outlining their resolutions following the announcement of the presidential election results by the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone (ECSL).

First and foremost, the NCYO leadership commended President Bio and Vice President Jalloh on their re-elections and conveyed their wishes for a successful term in office.

They expressed their commitment to actively contribute to the consolidation of peace in Sierra Leone and called upon the international community to play a professional and impartial role in maintaining the hard-earned peace.

The NCYO also urged opposition leaders not to make statements or take actions that would undermine or derail the peace of the nation.

They emphasized the importance of dialogue and inclusivity in government, encouraging President Bio to engage with the opposition parties to strengthen democracy, promote peace, and foster national cohesion.

In their statement, the NCYO criticized the National Elections Watch (NEW) for overstepping its bounds and undermining the statutory mandate of the ECSL.

They emphasized the need for all stakeholders, including civil society organizations, media institutions, security forces, and political parties, to work collaboratively and in a complementary manner to ensure a level playing field for democracy.

The youth of Sierra Leone also expressed gratitude to President Bio for his initiatives such as the introduction of free quality education and youth skills development programs during his first term. However, they raised concerns about job opportunities for young people in his second term and called for measures to address this issue.

Furthermore, the NCYO commended First Lady Dr. Fatima Jabbie Bio and the wife of the Vice President, Mrs. Isata Juldeh Jalloh, for their efforts in supporting women and girls’ empowerment and development in Sierra Leone.

In conclusion, the NCYO congratulated and thanked all Sierra Leoneans for prioritizing the country’s welfare and applauded the youth for their resilience and peaceful conduct throughout the election process.