In a terse and firm manner, Justice Adrian Fisher put paid to all those who recently have been in the habit of referring to the APC Executive and specifically, to the National Secretary General, Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansanneh as expired persons to desist from such nomenclature because as far as he is concerned, the good Ambassador is the legitimate National Secretary General of the All Peoples Congress Party.

This pronouncement by Justice Adrian Fisher came after a heated argument instigated by Lawyer Jengo who insisted on cross examining the National Secretary General in relation to the affidavit filed to the court, seeking an extension of time to hold the National Delegates Conference of the All Peoples Congress as prescribed in the Judge’s earlier ruling – the single duty of such a conference being to adopt a Constitution for the All Peoples Congress Party.

In his cross examination, it was counsel for the Plaintiff, Alfred Peter Conteh who had asked a direct question of the NSG if indeed he was, at the time of deposing the affidavit, National Secretary General of the All Peoples Congress Party. Ambassador Yansanneh had answered in the affirmative, even after objections to such a line of questioning by Lawyer Ady Macauley, counsel for the third Defendant – the APC Party.

Ambassador Yansanneh was guided by the judge to answer in the affirmative as the judge confirmed that in his own mind, certain matters are clear and for his court and for so long as he is sieged of this matter, the second defendant is the substantive National Secretary General of the APC.

In the event, this ruling by Justice Adrian Fisher has now made it clear that Osman Foday Yansanneh is National Secretary General de jure.