Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara (JFK), the Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice during the previous APC-led government, has responded to the recent fall of the renowned Freetown Cotton tree, interpreting it as a sign of a change in regime.

JFK expressed his views on the matter, stating that the fallen Cotton Tree holds symbolic significance. Superstitions suggest that its collapse signifies the loss of power. Furthermore, priests had prophesied its fall as an indication of an impending change in the governing regime. Additionally, some believe that the spirits associated with the tree have abandoned their protective role and are now causing mischief. Irrespective of the interpretations, JFK acknowledged that a significant event has occurred, with unforeseen consequences yet to be revealed.

The Cotton Tree is fallen! Superstition says, power is gone! Priests prophesied that it will fall, signaling change of regime. Others say, the spirits have given up, wandering in mischief. Whatever the context, a great event has taken place, unforeseen events yet to unfold”

The Cotton Tree, a prominent symbol located in the heart of Freetown, collapsed on Wednesday, May 24, due to heavy rainfall and strong winds. For the people of Sierra Leone, this tree holds deep meaning, representing freedom and resilience. It is believed to have served as a gathering place for formerly enslaved individuals seeking a fresh start as free men and women in Sierra Leone. Many arrived from America, Nova Scotia, and Jamaica, making it an important historical landmark in the country.