The mysterious death of former Sky Bank employee Sunnah Kai Kargbo who was alleged to have been murdered by Ikubolaje Nicol, the MD of Sky Bank has perplexed Sierra Leoneans. In the mind’s eye of Sierra Leoneans, why would a man kill his subordinate that works for him or her?

As the accused is the hands of the police helping them with investigations, on an interview with Born2Blog correspondent over the alleged murder, the uncle to the deceased explains what transpired before Ikubolaje Nicol commonly known to be called Bola NIcol was arrested.

“On a Sunday morning,16th October 2022, after I had gone to my mother, I received a call from my wife that my niece Sinnah Kai Kargbo is dead. I  relayed the message to my mother and left from Waterloo to Wilberforce at my residence. 

On my arrival at Freetown I met my brother (the father to the deceased) and consoled him of our sudden lost and later agreed to take my younger relatives, that is, brothers and sister to the deceased, to the hospital she was allegedly taken to since she was alleged to have died from an attack at showman Hospital at Burnley Street to collect the corpse.

We departed immediately to the destination but was amazed to have found from the receptionist that the deceased was not taken there. This we couldn’t tell whether the receptionist was lying or not.

We later had to call the news source, who told the family of Sinnah’s death that the body was not in location mentioned earlier. He later told us that, she was taken to Columbia Davies Morgue in Circular Road. We went there and met a woman to enquire about the deceased. She showed us a script that bear Sinnah’s name which showed that she was taken to the Morgue and not died there.

This gave us, relatives shock and surprise as to who brought her there which none of her relatives knew about. At this point, we began to smell the rat.

We requested for the corpse of the deceased from the mortuary attendant but the receptionist rejected our request until Bola Nicol who brought the deceased corpse gave the order to do so.

With suspicious we have had from the strange happenings, they rushed to an officer name Samuel and requested the service of the Central Police officers. Samuel made the call and the police arrived. 15 minutes after the police arrived, Bola Nicol came in with a strange man that we later found out to be a Lawyer. 

With many questions in our heads to ask Bola Nicol, the accused, we demanded why he decided to take the deceased here (Columbia Davies Mortuary Circular Road) instead of the previous location they were told, Showman hospital without informing any member of her family? At this point, I ordered the police to arrest Bola Nicol and they did and taken to the police station.

Later knowing that the deceased had been transferred to the Race Cross Branch in Freetown, we drove off with police officers to reclaim the corpse. We succeeded reclaiming the corpse and was then taken to Connaught Hospital as per advice from the police Ops team. 

At the Connaught Hospital, my details were taken by the hospital staff and the police requested that we made statement to the Deputy Crime officer at Central Police Mr. Muna. After the statements taken, I went home and explained the happenings as a messenger and the reasons I couldn’t bring the corpse as per plan. The family members in turn had their statements taken to help the police in their investigations.”

When the uncle was probed if a search was done in the accused house as per police procedure, he said yes and continued that he was fortunate to do a search with other family members. The uncle added that knowing the inside out of the accused house or checking for hidden places was difficult until they had help from a man who alleged to have worked in that company. At the end of the search, the discovered bedsheets stained in blood and other exhibits which the police took along.

“Another thing that happened at the accused’s resident during the search was that we met the founder of Columbia Davies memorial parlour Junietta Ayodele Macaulay during at the accused’s resident who we later knew who she is. As the search continued, I suspected a car trying to leave the accused’s compound which I blocked intentionally and demanded that it stayed until our search is over. At this point we we discovered the woman’s identity to be Junietta Ayodele Macaulay, founder of Columbia Davies memorial parlour,” the uncle concluded

Answering to the last question from the Born2Blog correspondent over the family’s awareness of the deceased corpse in the morgue, the uncle vehemently denied to this and affirmed that the accused, Ikubolaje Nicol took Sinnah’s corpse to the mortuary without the knowledge of any member of the family.

The police are still under their investigations as we await their finding. But as it stands now, this was what transpired between Bola Nicol over Sinnah’s death.

More details are coming…