Credible sources have told this press that President Julius Maada Bio’s biggest headache at the moment is how he would lay off the Inspector-General of the Sierra Leone Police, Ambrose Michael Sovula.

The Dismissal may not be unconnected to the recent fake university saga, ‘Dominion Christian University.’ ‘Dominion University fraud’ is one of the biggest threats to the credibility of academic credentials in the hands of many Sierra Leoneans.

But, the fraud is more of a fraud when one who is supposed to detect fraud is trapped in the fraudulent scheme. The country’s Inspector-General of Police, Sovula is a big fish in the net of academic criminals.

Inspector General of Police – Ambrose Michael Sovula

How can the IGP protect Sierra Leoneans from various forms of fraud and criminality when he has fallen prey to the tactics of half-baked criminals? Since Sierra Leone is not safe from fraudulent syndicate, the people call for the dismissal of the police boss, and they wanted that to happen now.

As it stands, the head of the police chief may roll as ‘Dominion College’ saga gains momentum at every passing day. The President and other authorities in the government could not bear the sight of provocation of a man to whom he entrusted one of the greatest state responsibilities.

The Police Chief, was among those who received a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree from the phantom university. Claims that the doctorate awarded to the Inspector-General of Police, is Honoris Causa (honorary degree) does not excuse him from being held accountable.

Almost invariably, claims that the degree has been returned also does not save his neck. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), a body responsible for registering all tertiary institutions in the country, says the university is fake and the papers got from the university are also fake.

The counterfeit saga came after it was discovered that the institution was never an accredited academic institution in Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leoneans’ biggest amazement was the granting of a PhD degree to the head of the police after police warned the head of Dominion University not to go ahead with the conferment of degrees and award of certificates.

The police had suspected that the university’s credible existence remained a big doubt, but the police boss forced his way to get a degree there. It all started when a Sierra Leonean academic, Dr. John Idriss Lahai raised the red flag about the fake academic degrees granted by fake institutions of higher learning.

Dr. Lahai who seemed very much interested in the education system in Sierra Leone said he would continue to expose counterfeit academic credentials in the country’s interest.

Dr. Idriss Lahai

The Sierra Leonean academic is also particularly concerned about the country’s education system saying it is very difficult for the country to rise from her current state of under-development since square pegs are in round holes.

Sierra Leoneans were taken aback when ACC released a press ordering public sector employees to surrender their academic credentials for audit. As the Dominion saga takes foothold in Sierra Leone every day, the IG is never safe in his office as public calls for the investigation of the police chief takes centre stage.

According to Nightwatch Newspaper, the IGP is not above the Police Discipline Regulations, 2001 which was enacted by the Police Council, the highest decision and policy-making body of the police as a form of delegated legislation. The IGP is the third most powerful member in the Police Council after Vice President and the Minister of Internal Affairs.

However, the law is clear that when the IGP is being investigated, he should not form part of Police Council for justice to be served to the people of Sierra Leone.