Through the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), National Grand Coalition (NGC) and over ten smaller political parties have formed a coalition to battle it out with the governing Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in the 24th June, 2023 national elections, political analysts say the coalition may crumble over leadership given the egos of those leading the political parties.

A political analysts asserted that the Parliamentary Leader and erstwhile presidential candidate of NGC, Hon. Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella has the biggest ego of any politician he has ever met, and his egoism forced him to divorce from the SLPP to form NGC together with some disgruntled SLPP members and supporters.

“Though COPPP is very much determined to challenge the incumbent President in next year’s presidential election, I don’t see KKY succumbing to anyone should the coalition decide to present a presidential candidate against the incumbent President because he is more than desperate to lead Sierra Leone,” the political analyst asserted.

The analyst furthered that the main opposition APC will also not play a second fiddle to other political parties that comprised the COPPP given its broad political base in the Northern Region and Western Area, adding that the party will back out of the coalition.

“APC are so desperate to bounce back to power in 2023 that the coalition may collapse or crumble if they do not produce a presidential candidate for the coalition,” the analyst asserted, noting that that the coalition will only survive if other political parties forming it unanimously vote in favour of an APC member to lead the COPPP into the 2023 national elections using the APC as a platform despite controversy is still swirling over his party membership since his expulsion from the party in 2015.

Like Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, Chief Samuel Sam Sumana is galvanizing support from the APC strongholds to become the next presidential candidate for either APC or COPPP should the coalition stand, while the former is already convinced that he is the most popular politician in the APC worthy of leading the party or the coalition into the next polls.

But with the desperation of senior politicians in the APC and NGC’s KKY to lead the coalition to challenge the incumbent President, political analysts have asserted that disagreements over who should lead the coalition may cause its collapse before the 24th June, 2023 national elections.