Following an alleged extra-judicial killing of Hassan S. Dumbuya, aka Evangelist Samson on August 14, 2022, Lansana Dumbuya Esq. has on 11th October, 2022 replied to a letter written by the Minister of Internal Affairs concerning the corps of the late man.

“I acknowledged receipt of your reply dated 26th September 2022 regarding the above subject matter. I am firmly instructed to reply you that my clients, relatives of Evangelist Samson (deceased) are seized of having a meeting with them, but they are baffled with the statement that they should exercise patience as your Ministry has written to the Hon. Attorney General and Minster of Justice, seeking his legal opinion regarding the matters raised in the letters sent to you from my office,” Dumbuya writes.

He noted his clients are of the view that there are no serious legal issues raised in the aforesaid letters and that his clients never thought the attention of the Attorney General would be drawn to the matter.

Lawyer Dumbuya expressed his clients also believed that there was nothing suspicious surrounding the corpse of Evangelist Samson for which the Government should continue holding on to it.

He wrote that Government has no right to continually keep the corpse of Evangelist Samson at the central morgue, maintaining that his clients were unaware how long it would take the Hon. Attorney General and Minister of Justice to give his opinion thereof as the minster’s reply was without certainty.

“As Solicitor representing my clients, I am disappointed that you have refused to have the meeting with the family until you receive a response from the Attorney General and Minister of Justice. All you have done at the moment is to put the Attorney General in an unnecessarily difficult situation, as there is no legal issue bordering on this matter,” Dumbuya expressed.

“You have to handover the corpse to the family, that is the only position. My clients give your Ministry a week to get onto them from the date of service of this letter on you. I trust you would give this request a favourable consideration as I await you reply”.