Heavily armed police and soldiers allegedly raided the residence of former Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs, Rtd Major Alfred Palo Conteh, on Thursday, March 7th, 2024.

According to reports, the security forces, described as “armed to the teeth,” entered the compound in Wilberforce village without a warrant, creating a terrifying scene for Conteh’s wife, children, and a security guard who were present at the time.

Witnesses reported the security personnel refusing to identify themselves and conducting a relentless search without explanation. Mrs. Conteh’s attempts to understand the reason for the intrusion were reportedly met with aggression, particularly affecting the children present.

This incident marks the third time Major Conteh’s residence has been raided in recent months, despite him being outside the country since August 2023. The lack of explanation and apparent targeting of an absent individual raise serious concerns about the motives behind these repeated actions.

“This egregious violation of privacy and basic human rights must not go unaddressed,” the report states. Calls are mounting for accountability and a guarantee that such incidents will not be repeated.