As the name implies, it’s West Africa Power Pole, not Sierra Leone Power Pole. Get this up and deeply reflect on it. This simply implies that it’s the effort of every country based on the contribution made to bring such opportunity to the people.

The idea of the project is said to have been brought by former president of Ivory Coast, Gbagbo, who probably thought of not only helping other energy poor countries but for the economic development of his country. Therefore, it’s neither president Bio, nor Earnest Bai Koroma’s original idea. They supported the idea because they were possibly obliged to.

So let’s leave this senselessness of SLPP project or APC, and focus on what matters. This is national development, not political party achievement.

SLPP Paopa and APC Tolongbo taking glory of this electricity supply is highly senseless and shameful.

It is apparent that these two traditional political parties know that the best and most righteous way to campaign/appeal to the citizens is by doing development works, the ones that truly improve the lives of the people. But they are rather engage into doing otherwise/evil to keep dividing the country to the advantage of their parties.

APC brought the light, SLPP brought the light argument is nonsense.

We are following social media streams, but you don’t hear such parochial statement coming from the neighboring countries that have equally benefited from the same project. This is probably why they are relatively better than us.

I repeat, please stop this nonsense now. The energy is brought by the effort of the poor masses who provided their lands, and who will be paying the dues. Many politicians will not be paying the required tax. Most of them dodge the bill but they are the highest consumers of energy.

Further, it’s a shame that SLPP and APC are bragging of a project that brings economic benefit to another country. Though the people appreciate it, but it a shame, and shame on you.

If any of you (SLPP and APC) truly want to be boastful of bringing real impact to the people of Sierra Leone, you must do the Bumbuna hydro and develop other dams across the country from the revenue you raise. This is where we know the demonstration of true leadership.

Sierra Leone has a lot of energy potential. Ivory Coast didn’t perform magic, the leadership of the country steadfast and work.

Let’s think and act positively.