Dr. David Moinina Sengeh, the Chief Minister of Sierra Leone, announced today, on the 18th of January, 2024, that The National Monitoring and Evaluation Agency Act, 2024 has been officially passed into law by the Parliament of Sierra Leone. This significant development is poised to reshape governance and enhance accountability in the West African nation.

Expressing his enthusiasm, Chief Minister Sengeh stated, “It was truly an honor for me to pilot this bill into law on behalf of the government of H.E President Bio. With this new agency, we will optimize impact for the citizens.” The establishment of The National Monitoring and Evaluation Agency marks a commitment to transparency and effective governance, reflecting the government’s dedication to fostering positive change.

The Act signifies a strategic step forward in Sierra Leone’s efforts to streamline monitoring and evaluation processes across various sectors, ensuring that public policies and programs align with the nation’s developmental goals. The agency’s role will be pivotal in assessing the impact of government initiatives, enhancing efficiency, and addressing the needs of the citizens.

This legislative milestone underscores the government’s commitment to responsive and accountable governance. As Sierra Leone looks ahead to a future of progress and development, The National Monitoring and Evaluation Agency is poised to play a key role in ensuring that policies translate into tangible improvements in the lives of the people.

The passing of this Act reflects a collective effort to strengthen Sierra Leone’s governance framework and sets the stage for a more transparent and accountable government, fostering an environment where citizens can expect optimal results from public initiatives.