The Parliament Committee on Water and Electricity has taken decisive action by ordering the detention of Emmanuel Mannah, the Director-General of the Sierra Leone Electricity and Water Regulation Commission (SLEWRC).

The detention comes as a consequence of Mannah’s failure to present owners of water companies for interrogation by Parliament.

The committee stated that the director will be detantied until they obtain representatives from the Water Company. This action follows the committee’s repeated requests for the director to bring the Water Company for questioning regarding the type and quality of water they produce. The committee expressed frustration, noting that this is the fourth time they have asked the director to comply, and he only honored the invita

However, Mannah’s failure to facilitate the appearance of these stakeholders before Parliament has been met with strong condemnation from members of the committee. In response to his non-compliance, the committee invoked its authority to order Mannah’s detention

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