Parliament of Sierra Leone has on Tuesday 15 November 2022 enacted the Gender Empowerment Act 2021, and will be sent to President Julius Maada Bio for approval.

The Bill was enacted having gone through the Legislative Committee Stage and Third Reading phase.

The bill seeks to address the gender imbalances by making provision for increased elective positions for women, to provide for the promotion of gender equality in employment and training, to provide for the implementation of gender mainstreaming and budgeting, to provide for financial institutions to prescribe procedures for the improvement of women’s access to finance and to provide for other related matters. The Bill would also enhance the strongest participation of women in politics, especially in the parliamentary elections.

The Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs, Manti Tarawallie expressed thanks and appreciation to all women’s group and partners that have been supporting the Bill and pushed for it to be enacted.

She said the Bill took 13 months in parliament before it was finally enacted.

The Minister assured all that they are going to fully implement the Bill, and see the differences women are going to make in Sierra Leone.

The Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Abass Bundu said that today is an historic day in Sierra Leone, as the Gender Employment Bill is finally enacted.

He went on to thank President Bio for the advancement of women towards attaining gender equality in the country.

“But above all, today I believe a new resolution is born. Thanks to all of us in this house and beyond this house all those who have contributed in all measures to bring this day into fulfillment and a reality,” he said.

The Speaker concluded by stating that as they had been assured by the Minister, he looks forward to the fullest implementation of the Bill they have just passed.