The Parliament of Sierra Leone has enacted the Industrial Relations and Trade Union Act 2024 on Tuesday, 28th May 2024, as a boost to the sector.”

It was reported that, the new law, underwent rigorous scrutiny and debate before receiving unanimous approval from the lawmakers and was passed after its third reading in Parliament and the review process aims to modernize Sierra Leone’s outdated labour laws for which the Labour Ministry has been pushing since last year.

The Act  follows the Employment Act 2023, the Work Permit Act 2023, and the Overseas Employment and Migrant Workers Act 2023,that were enacted last year and this Act has been the fourth to be enacted out of the six proposed submitted Acts.

The Industrial Relations and Trade Union Act 2024 lays the foundation for employer-employee relationships in the workplace and defines the establishment and operations of trade unions across the country, which is designed to foster a more equitable and structured labour environment, ensuring that employers’ and employees’ rights and responsibilities are clearly defined and protected.

In his statement, the Minister of Labour, Mohamed Rahman Swaray, thanked and appreciated the Speaker and Members of Parliament for enacting the new law and for their commitment to making the workspace safe for all employees as well as employers.

He referred to the Industrial Relations and Trade Union Act 2024 as the “Therapy Law,” highlighting its potential to heal and enhance industrial relations in Sierra Leone.

The enactment of this law marks a pivotal step in the country’s ongoing labour law reform, aimed at promoting fair and productive workplace practices for all Sierra Leoneans.