The Parliament of Sierra Leone has expelled three members of Parliament of the main opposition party in the House, the All Peoples Congress (APC).

The Members of Parliament, according to information from the Well of Parliament, are expelled from the House as a result of ‘disorderly behavior’ within and outside the House of Parliament.

Hon. Lahai Marrah of Constituency 042, Hon. Abdul Karim Kamara of Constituency 059, and Hon. Aaron Koroma of Constituency 048, are all vibrant members of the APC party from the North that were expelled from the House.

It is reported that their ‘unruly behavior’ led to the damage of property worth millions of Leones in the Well of Parliament.

The House of Parliament did not only punish the three MPs for their ‘unruly behavior’ in Parliament but, as well as for their ‘ultravires behaviour’ orchestrated in their home constituencies which eventually led to rancor among flagbearer aspirants in the APC party.

Hon. Lahai imposed an order preventing flag bearer aspirant Kaifala Marrah from canvasing in the Falaba District. The order brought about violence among angry youths and led to the burning of Hon. Marrah’s official vehicle.

The three MPs interrupted the House of Parliament during a census debate. The three also vandalized the well of parliament.

The Speaker of Parliament, Dr Abass Bundu investigated their unruly behavior and ordered them to refund millions of Leones to the Parliament in a bid to pay for their damages. The refund will be made by deducting finances from their salaries and other benefits.

The punishment, from news gathered by this Medium, will definitely hinder the chances of the 3 MPs to take part in subsequent debates in the House of Parliament.

It is no secret that the draconian action taken by the parliament against the three vibrant opposition MPs would render them ineffective in performing their duties as MPs.

In another development, the said MPs and some of their fellow APC MPs have been petitioned by 14 people for disrupting the APC lower-level elections which suddenly led to some of their candidates being beaten while unfortunately imposed Ibrahim Tholly as the Youth Congress President, as against the wishes of many APCians.