The Hon. Kombor Kamara (APC) Chairman of the Committee on Works, Housing and Infrastructure in Parliament has bitterly complained the “dodging” attitude of the Minister and top officials in the Ministry of Works, Housing and Infrastructure.

Hon. Kombor lodged this complain to Hon. Ibrahim Bundu Majority Leader and Leader of Government Business following the summoning of the Acting Director General of SLRA and the CEO of Road Maintenance Fund to answer to questions with regards to how they expended billions of Leones for brushing of grass and other menial activities as discovered in one of the Committee’s report.

“The Works Minister and his top officials (Permanent Secretary) have been dodging several Parliamentary summoning asking him to come and explain how public monies and activities are being implemented.

Now they are claiming not to know what is happening, one of the officials was very arrogant on the phone saying that they will not come adding that if MPs so wish let them recommend for his sacking.

I want the leadership of Parliament to know this,” Hon. Kombor complained to the Majority Leader and Leader of Government Business Hon. Ibrahim Bundu.

In his reaction Hon. Bundu said that he has heard and as a parliament promised to engage the Works Ministry accordingly.

On behalf of the Works Ministry Donald Ngegba said: “the Ministry doesn’t have the requisite professional capacity” and informed the House that a certain Mr. Ganda has been sick and not been coming to work and that this is hindering the work of the ministry as he is the professional head.

He admitted that the ministry is facing several challenges and accepted that one of which is the issuance of building permit amongst other things.

“We are not refusing to be in Parliament; we do respect and are willing to come to Parliament at anytime we are called upon,” he said.

However, many MPs blamed the weak and un-collaborating leadership of the Works Ministry and therefore call more engagement and round table discussions for the execution of findings as per their report.