Following the three vacant positions in the well of Parliament, the House has taken decision to replace the vacant positions immediately.

It has been reported that,three new Members have filled the said vacant positions who are; Hon. Moses Andrew Edwin of Bonthe district, Hon. Paramount Chief Alameen Kanneh of Kenema district and Hon. Paramount Chief Saffa Monya Tamu of Pujehun district respectively.

Hon. Moses Edwin is replacing Holagepon Solomon Thomas who has now ascended to the position of Speaker of the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone and was representing Bonthe district, in light of Proportional Representational requirement.

Hon. Paramount Chief Alameen Kanneh and Hon. Paramount Chief Saffa Monya Tamu are now replacing Hon. P.C Victor Kebbie and Hon. P.C Fabba who have gone on “a long journey” that resulted in the vacancies for the two Paramount Chief Members of Parliament seats in the Well.

As prescribed by the Sierra Leone’s 1991 Constitution (Act.No.6) under its third schedule, the three new MPs were sworn-in after they subscribed the Oath of Office in the Well of Parliament.

The Oath was administered by Finda F. Fraser, Director General of Parliament who also gave the MPs the Constitution of Sierra Leone, the Standing Orders of Parliament and Parliamentary Prayers.

The MPs subscribing and signing the oath of office, said in unison that they will bear true faith and allegiance to the Republic of Sierra Leone as by law established, that they will uphold and defend the Constitution of Sierra Leone, and that they will faithfully and conscientiously discharge the duties accorded them as prescribed.