Following a complaint made by Hon. Alhassan Kara (APC) during yesterday (Tuesday 3rd November 2015 sitting of the Sierra Leone Parliament) that AIRTEL has been cheating on his phone top-up charges, the presiding Speaker of Sierra Leone Parliament, Hon. CRM Bah has ordered the Information and Communication Committee of Parliament to speedily look into ‘what seems to be a persistent complaint’ from not only Members of Parliament but also members of the public.

Hon. Alhassan said that: “millions of Sierra Leoneans have been expressing this similar complain that I am about to make with regards to one of telecommunication companies AIRTEL.

I bought ten thousand Leones top up and only did four calls that lasted 43 seconds, to my surprised the credit was finished, AIRTEL has not been treating costumers fairly by way of cheating on our credit charges.”

However, the Presiding Speaker Hon. Bah asked him to officially put his complaint to the appropriate Parliamentary committee.

He said: “make sure you formally complain to the Chairman of the Information and Communication Committee.

This seems to be getting very serious with a number of MPs expressing the same complaint. I want the Committee to address complaint as soon as possible.”